On the Dock Dining:

ICM Restaurant
1498 Bay St., "Old Town Florence"
Oregon (OR 97439)
(541) 997 9646

Open daily 11:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Open later on some week-ends holidays
Closed on Christmas



elcome to International C-Food Market Restaurant, also referred to as ICM's unique seafood restaurant. Owner Ed Millerstrom, with the help of many local contractors, has built the newest and most exciting seafood restaurant on the Oregon coast - right here in Old Town Florence, overlooking the Siuslaw River. The restaurant was built from the water up in only eight months, and opened on July 20, 1993. Every detail was carefully thought out. A relatively unknown local artist, Mark Storaasli, who we were fortunate to discover, created the unique murals on the outside and inside of the restaurant. His work certainly demonstrates his unusual style and quality as a true artist. The Neptune wood sculpture was created by local artist Dylan James from a piece of big leaf maple and dedicated by Ed Millerstrom to the Port of Siuslaw in recognition of the importance of the present and past fisherman of the Port of Siuslaw.

he majority of the fish and Dungeness crab you will eat here comes directly from our fleet of fishing boats here in Florence. It is unloaded daily. You can watch the boats unload within the restaurant from one of our 36 viewing windows that open and overlook the docks and the Siuslaw River.

d Millerstrom wanted to take advantage of the fish receiving facilities here in Florence that he operates. Our fish is filleted daily fresh from the local fishing fleet. Most of the fish will literally have been swimming in the ocean just a few hours earlier. Any seafood our Florence restaurant does not consume is quickly transported to SanFrancisco and distributed to wholesalers who eventually deliver it to top restaurants all over San Francisco and the Bay area. So, you are actually eating seafood that will not be on the plates of fine San Francisco restaurants for several days yet!

he next part of this wonderful idea and dream was to make sure the seafood was prepared in the best possible manner so as to satisfy the most sensitive palate and meet everyone's desire. For this reason, Ed Millerstrom used his influence in the seafood industry to receive special recipes from a number of the finest chef's in the San Francisco area. He then trained a very talented group of chefs to cook in the style each dish deserves. Our wait staff has been handpicked and meets the highest standards in the industry.

ur latest and most recent change has been to make our restaurant the first restaurant on the Oregon coast that uses only Trans Fat Free (non-hydrogenated oils). All of our cooking procedures and ingredients for our dressing and sauces are 100% free of hydrogenated oils. It is hard to believe but hydrogenated oils are now used in 99% of all restaurants, as they are 1/3 the price of canola and olive oils and restaurants are not required to inform customers of the type of oils they use. Hydrogenated oils or Trans fat oils have no nutritional values and have been refereed to as the "Silent Killer" by USA Today. Hydrogenated oils are full of LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol that leads to clogged arteries which are the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. Even though our change to trans fat free products was a great expense and difficult to achieve, Ed Millerstrom felt this was the right thing to do.

njoy our dream. We know this is an experience you will always remember. We illicit your comments to help us make this an even better place for you to enjoy.
Cheers, Ed Millerstrom and our wonderful staff here at ICM